neo Tap

neo TAP
neo TAP
  • Model: neo TAP
Details: The neo:Tap virtual remote launcher is designed to give the end user instant access to the TV Remote app on any NFC enabled device.

Via a simple web based configuration, each neo:Tap can be linked to a certain room or zone within an install. Once configured, any NFC enabled device, connected to the network (eg, WIFI) will be able tolaunch the TV remote app for that room just by tapping the device on the neo:Tap.

A completely wireless technology means the neo:Tap does not need any wires creating the perfectin-home device. No more scrolling through long lists of apps to find the correct remote app for theroom you are in. Just tap.

  • Tap to launch TV remote app
  • Simple web based configuration for assigning to rooms/zones
  • NFC contactless technology
  • Elegant brushed metal finish
  • Compatible with most NFC enabled devices
  • Compact design to subtly blend into home environments
  • Completely wireless

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