Construction Products Regulation (CPR)

Structured Cable Products Inc (SCP) has the largest selection of cables for the CEDIA and Custom Installation Industry that are in compliance with the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) standard EN50575.

Implementation of this standard began July 1st 2017. All SCP bulk cables stocked at our Europe warehouse are CPR compliant.

CPR requires that all copper and fiber cables permanently installed in buildings within the EU must be tested and certified for compliance with uniform classification and labeling for fire safety.

CPR also designates minimum performance levels based on different installations, location types, and each EU member national requirements.

Online you can find many different sources that explain the technical details for CPR and your specific country requirements. For our purposes, this section will focus on what you need to know about CPR as it relates to low-voltage cables.

The following links provide quick and easy access to additional information and resources pertaining to CPR.

SCP has created an easy to follow overview on CPR as it relates to low-voltage cables. At first glance, understanding CPR requirements can appear to be as difficult as learning a new language. We have tried to make it CPR easier to understand by focusing on what is important for our distributors, dealers, and installers.

What do I need to know????

As required by CPR, a Declaration of Performance (DoP) is a certificate issued by the cable manufacturer referencing the notifying body's Certification of Compliance. All SCP cable DoP are available on our website by clicking here.

European Commission Construction Products Regulation landing page: Construction Product Regulation

Under the CPR, each EU member country sets their specific CPR regulations. To contact your country specific CPR requirements, please follow the below link to identify your national contact point for CPR: National CPR Contact Points

SCP will keep you informed about any changes or additions to our CPR compliant cables through our website and through monthly communications through our distributor network. We will continue to update the FAQ section as we come across new or important information regarding CPR. Click here for FAQ's