• Model: 10G-FP
  • Shipping Weight: 0.05lbs

Pro-Grade 10G RJ45 Field Plug - CAT6A, CAT7/7A, CAT6 FTP -Full Shield, 1 Peice Design, Load Bar, Strain Relief AWG 22-26, Class Ea Rated - 1Ea/Bag

Product Information
SCP is offering our new ProGrade 10G RJ45 Field Plug for transmission speed connections up to 10 Gbit/s.
Our SCP Part # 10G-FP can be easily terminated in the field in 1 minute without any special tools.

The SCP 10G RJ45 Field Plug is the high performance connectivity solution for all 10G RJ45 terminations. The SCP 10G RJ45 Field Plug eliminates difficult and improper terminations from other inferior RJ45 plugs on the market today. The # 10G-FP connector improves lower transmission performance and eliminates data loss caused by cheap connectors and improper cable terminations.

The SCP 10G Field Plug can be used with LAN network cable such as: CAT6 F/UTP, HNCPROPLUS-SH, CAT6A U/FTP, HNCPROPLUS-6A, Cat7/7a, and HNCPROPLUS-7A cables. Each SCP # 10G-FP connector has a zinc die-cast housing providing 360° shielding that protects the 10G signal from any interference. The SCP # 10G-FP is the only recommended and approved RJ45 connector for 10G cables and systems.

In addition, our 10G-FP connector is backwards compatible for CAT6 Shielded cable terminations. Ramp up the power and performance of your CAT6 cable terminations with the SCP 10G RJ45 Field Plug.

Best RJ45 solution for terminating 10G Cables such as Cat6a, Cat7, and Cat7a

  • Fully Shielded (10G-FP) for PoE and Chassis grounded systems
  • Unshielded (10G-FP-U) for HDBaseT floating power terminations
  • HDBaseT PoE+ Compliant
  • Improves system performance
  • Recommended for HDBaseT™ terminations
  • Fast & Easy termination of category cables- Cat7a | Cat7 | Cat6a | Cat6 FTP
  • Outperforms other RJ45 connectors
  • 1 piece design
  • Load bar for faster & easier wire pattern termination
  • No Special tools needed
  • 26-22 AWG wire gauge
  • UL Rated
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