Direct Burial

For outdoor applications, SCP has a full line of direct burial rated cables. These cables have water/moisture blocking tape and the best LLDPE direct burial rated jacket on the market. We recommend only LLDPE jacketed cables provide superior performance over PVC cables on all direct burial applications. Our direct burial cables are available unshielded or shielded in cable sizes from 12-18 AWG.

Applications for SCP Direct Burial cables include: Security, Speaker, Audio, Alarm, HVAC, Access Control, Card Access, Irrigation Control, CCTV Power and Commercial Applications.

SCP also carries Direct Burial Cables for Cat6, Cat5e, RG59/U Coax, RG6/U Coax, RG6/U Quad Shield Coax, Serial Digital Coax, and our

Pro Grade Direct Burial Speaker Cables.

Direct Burial Low Voltage Cables - LLDPE vs PVC



6C/18 AWG BC STRANDED SHIELDED DIRECT BURIAL- BLACK- 1000 FT SPOOL Applications Applications for...